The Right Type Of Exercise

Right Choice Of Exercise

Many people choose or are given cardio as their main exercise. Sustained periods of cardio, like running has gained the reputation as the most appropriate physical exercise to help fat loss. Yes there is some truth that jogging can help to reduce weight, endless jogging will not help fat loss.

Persistent jogging, running will help to burn calories but will also help you to metabolically lose the most expensive and effective tissue you have. Muscle tissue.

Muscle tissue is your engine.

A bigger engine burns more energy       + FAT

A smaller engine burns less energy        -FAT

A Bigger engine equals faster metabolism    = more fat loss

A smaller engine equals slower metabolism   = less fat loss

In losing muscle you will lose some weight but over time will reduce your engine size which will slow down your metabolism and reduce your fat burning ability.

This effect can be magnified if combined with a low calorie or low carb diet as these will also lower your metabolism. 


Recent studies have concluded that sustained periods of cardio only exercise and the dramatic reduction of carbs causes damage to the thyroid function. The production of the thyroid hormone will be shut down in these conditions. This causes confusion to the thyroid when the diet ends and can typically lead to weight gains of 10 to 20lbs. There may also be fatigue and digestive problems associated. 



A good place to start is to choose an activity that allows relatively quick fat loss but keeps us lean at the same time.

WEIGTH TRAINING is a key component in this process either with added resistance ie dumbbells, or by using body weight exercises.

Used as a high intensity workout with compound movements will burn more fat.

LADIES don’t worry you wont develop huge muscles as you don’t naturally produce enough testosterone to cause this. However it will help you along the way to the toned look that everyone craves for.

CARDIO but use in shorter periods at high intensity outputs. Interval training or fartlek training are ideal. 

This will help to preserve and build your engine which in turn will increase your ability to burn FAT.


Lack of carbs!! . You need carbohydrates for energy and cell growth and to burn fat. A good balance of complex carbs and some simple carbs will not lead to fat gain. There is a lot of bad and misleading information on this subject mainly from people and organisations that want to sell you their diet. Balance and control your carb intake as part of your over all healthy eating plan.